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  • Datum: 13/08/2022 09:00
  • Locatie Szekszárd, Keselyűsi út 3, 7100 Hongarije (Kaart)


The championship is an organisation of I-Karate GLOBAL. It is an open competition, and we expect many competitors from several continents. Thanks to our unique competition system, even if one has little experience, one can participate at this championship. So, don’t hesitate to register because 200 competitors is the limit for this competition. Our previously organised competitions and championships have been a great success. So we expect to see the same enthusiasm and spirit at this competition. Because of restrictions not everyone can join at this moment, that’s why this yearly event will be combined with an online virtual championship on November 2022. We are also happy to announce that we now have a scientific proof with the Erasmus+ sport project IKONS 2019-2021. We implemented our karate method on people with the Syndrome of Down this in 5 countries: Belgium; Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria. Because of this easy accessible method our group is increasing. That’s why we will implemented 2 extra categories only for athletes with the Syndrome of Down. In our mind, to participate is to win. A quote certainly valid for our Inclusive competitions. That’s why every competitor receives a unique trophy at the end of the day. There are 30 possible category’s to inscribe! That means that one participant can inscribe for several disciplines kata-kata pairs-weapon-kata team. Besides a sport challenge, this IKF (I-Karate Global) competition is also a social occasion for all ages, abilities and nationalities to meet and greet in a friendly environment.